WP 3 - Standardized research protocol

2. Standardized research protocol for study of uses of palms; report to be published on the internet (12).


Two reports published. One in an open access journal and the second as a book chapter, both accesible from PALMS project webpage:

            Paniagua-Zambrana N., M. J. Macía & R. Cámara-Leret. 2010. Protocolo para la toma de datos etnobotánicos de palmeras y variables socioeconómicas en comunidades rurales. Ecología en Bolivia 45(3): 44-68.

            Cámara-Leret R., N. Paniagua-Zambrana & M. J. Macía. 2012. Standard protocol for gathering palm ethnobotanical data and socioeconomic variables across the tropics. pp. 41-72. In: Ponman, B., Bussmann R.W. (eds.): Medicinal plants and the legacy of Richard E. Schultes. Proceedings of the Botany 2011 Richard E Schultes Symposium. Graficart, Trujillo, Peru.